• Easier to load on cars compared to kayaks or standard canoes
  • Lighter on portages between bodies of water
  • Allows freedom to access more remote locations
  • Legs and feet aren’t confined inside a hot cockpit. You can bend and stretch your legs freely
  • Dip your toes in the water any time you want
  • No more horseflies stuck in the cockpit biting your ankles
  • Comfortable position allows you to paddle longer
  • Paddles and handles like a super-efficient kayak (without the weight)
  • Several low seating position options offer great stability
  • Allows the use of a double-bladed kayak paddle
  • Maneuver in tight spaces/turn on a dime
  • Incredibly seaworthy and stable in open water and variable conditions
  • Excellent glide and efficiency
  • Can haul a large amount of gear
  • Great option for four-legged friends
  • Gear such as a camera and fishing tackle are at your fingertips
  • Super easy to get in and out of
  • Boat can easily be handled by a single person
  • Throw it on your shoulder and go


  • Craftsmanship and processes perfected since 2004
  • Our proprietary Vacuum Infusion Technology for stronger lighter hulls… and a healthier planet
  • Inventor of Integral Infused Gunwale Technology — The envy of the industry
  • We use the finest materials including aramids like DuPont Kevlar® and Teijin’s Twaron, graphite (carbon fiber), resins with high strength and great flex characteristics, and colorful mycarta end caps
  • Genesis of boats from prolific paddlecraft designer David Yost
  • The perfect blend of durability and lightweight
  • Our boats are Maverick tough (BUT NOT MAVERICK FAT!) Built to handle journeys with our 80 lb Chocolate Lab
  • If the US Luge team trusts Placid Boatworks you should too. Click here to learn more
  • Click here to learn more about how we build ’em
  • Consistently a top finisher and multiple winner of the Adirondack Canoe Classic 90-Miler
  • Our shouldered tumblehome (the recurve and narrowing at the top of our boats) allows the use of a shorter, lighter, double-bladed kayak paddle for more efficient paddling and gives more hand clearance while paddling
  • Easily maneuvers through tight turns in twisty streams
  • Incredible straight line speed and tracking on open water
  • Handles choppy water like a dream
  • Excellent carrying capacities
  • Our comfortable cockpit allows you to paddle all day long
  • Contoured Carbon seats available in 3 sizes
  • The 3 seats sizes are stackable for varying positions and paddler preferences
  • Adjustable, breathable, wrap-around backband for ultimate support
  • Adjustable foot pegs for positioning on the fly
  • Plenty of room to keep four-legged friends comfortable
  • Kneeling option available
  • The most beautiful craft on the water
  • Our trademark gunwale trim is the envy of the industry
  • Furniture-grade mycarta decks
  • 5 stock colors to choose from
  • Custom gel coat colors available
  • Make the boat uniquely yours with custom striping or graphics

When able, and thankfully we’ve been fortunate, we like to donate a boat to a Not-for-Profit each year. This year, we are donating a boat to be raffled by the Northern Forest Canoe Trail for it’s 20th anniversary. We are also building a boat at cost for The Ausable River Association.

Some folks say you don’t sit in a pack canoe, you wear it. It becomes an extension of you as you move across the water – your boat responding to the most subtle of inputs. You are inextricably linked, the boat seemingly responding to your thoughts. Sure, there are less expensive boats that will get you out on the water. But if you want to experience what paddling can truly be – and look forward to paddling again and again – you want your boat to be your partner, not something that somehow holds you back.

You want a boat that becomes part of you – solidly connected at the feet, seat, and hands. Ready to precisely read your every impulse and predictably respond. Ready to dance.

Not all boats out there can do this. Some are inefficient. Some are unpredictable. Still others are heavy and cumbersome to load on your car, carry to the put-in, or portage. Over time, these kinds of boats rarely leave the rafters or are left to age, unused, behind the garage. We’ve all seen it.

A Placid Boatworks pack canoe is an investment in yourself. Our boats make the experience so enjoyable it’s easy to create a lifetime of unforgettable memories… and we consider that priceless.

Order one today… and set yourself free.