We handcraft Placid boatworks canoes using the finest fabrics, resins and trim. A few simple steps will protect your investment for years of enjoyable paddling.

The gel-coat scuff patch on your canoe is a high gloss finish that protects the inner lamination from incidental damage. A few scratches come with paddling as normal wear and tear, and the champagne color hides them well. Scratches that go through the gel to the laminate should be repaired.

  • When entering, loading or unloading your canoe, place it parallel to the shore in ankle deep water to load without scuffing the bottom of the hull. Don’t drag your canoe over sand bars and riffles. Lifting over obstacles prevents abrasion and scratching. Scratched canoes have half again the skin drag of unscratched hulls and are less efficient, making you paddle harder.
  • After paddling, clean your canoe with mild soapy water to prevent pond scum build up. Use a non-abrasive household cleaner to remove dried scum. Scum increases hull friction and makes you paddle harder.
  • The hull may be shined and given additional UV protection with applications of a “303 Aerospace Protectant” type surfactant (basically a water-safe, non-alcohol-based Armorall). It slows UV damage, keeps the hull clean, allows road oil to be wiped off easily, and restores faded gel-coat. To apply, spray the 303 on the hull, wiping the product on the gel coat with a 303 soaked rag. Then wipe off excess with a clean cloth.
  • Do NOT wax your Placid canoe. Wax slows the hull on-water, and encourages road oil build up.
  • Keep the interior clean with mild soap and water applied by a cloth, sponge or kitchen brush depending on accumulation. Protect the interior from sunlight, and dirt with 303. (Be aware that 303 can make the interior a bit slippery…)

  • Gel-Coat scratches may be sanded out with wet and dry paper. Flush with water while progressing from 120 to 2000 grit paper. Polish with rubbing compound and apply 303.

  • Deeper scratches may be filled, after cleaning and preparation, with matching gel coat. See our online store for a color matched gel repair kit. These kits have a fairly short shelf life and cannot be stored over time, so plan your repair work accordingly.

  • Deep scratches in the gel-coat and breaks that go into the lamination must be protected immediately with Duct Tape and repaired as soon as possible. We can repair a broken Placid canoe for you or you can purchase a Patch Kit in the online store. Please call or email for a repair appointment.