It was risky; time was beyond tight. But the day was perfect and the opportunity not to be missed. Putting in at Fish Creek after lunch, running the Saranac Lakes, under state bridge and down river to Oseetah and across Lake Flower to meet Jan for dinner in Saranac Lake. You fly past the tennis courts; there's the landing. You’re early, thanks to RapidFire and vastly improved paddle fitness.
RapidFire is a pack canoe with stunning speed in a portable, 22 - 29 pound package*. A new fast and fun Adirondack classic.
RapidFire is the modern transformation of the Adirondack pack canoe into a wicked fast tripper that runs with sea kayaks. Asymmetrical hull shape, shear and rocker, and shouldered tumblehome with an elliptical bottom make RapidFire one of the more sophisticated hulls afloat. The shouldered tumblehome allows more efficient, more vertical, double-blade paddle strokes. That, combined with the wildly efficient (beyond racing spec) 7.5 Length to Width ratio, RapidFire flies - and tracks like a train.
RapidFire is available in expedition laminate with kneeling cane seat for smaller paddlers desiring a hot solo, single blade paddle, tripping canoe with unmatched forward efficiency.
*depending on trim and options.
Top view:
Length: oa 15’, wl 14’7"
Length/width ratio: 7.5
Weight: 22 - 29 lbs

Side view:
Shear: Bow 17"
Mid 11"
Stern 16"
Rocker: bow 1.5", stern 1"
End view:
Beam: Rails 24"
Max 27.5"
3" wl 24"  
6" freeboard 540#
4" wl 320#
3" wl 210#
2" wl 130#