DymondwoodŽ is a registered trademark of Wood Dynamics Corporation.
We are proud of our distinctive trim.  The Cobra XLT (that's Xtra Lite Trim) 50/50 carbon/aramid gunwale system developed by Placid Boatworks has been shamelessly imitated.  In fact, one less-than-scrupulous canoe company even claims it developed the system!
XLT features rails that are integrally infused with the hull, a process Placid Boatworks developed in 2005-2006 (see Lamination).  This process gives you a zero maintenance hull which weighs 5-7 lbs less than a comparable wood-trimmed boat.

Our cherry gunwales are shaped to maximize strength and reduce weight. They borrow time-tested, turn-of-the-century profiles that fall comfortably to hand. They fit snugly top and bottom, structurally reinforcing the top edge of the canoe. They are finished to exacting standards to highlight and protect the grain. The smooth radius we use also promotes water to drain, rather than collect, on the wood where, over time, it will cause damage.

Our faceted, furniture grade, DymondwoodŽ decks reinforce the rail junction, enhance your canoe's beauty, and are slotted to drain water and release condensation during storage. DymondwoodŽ , a highly water-resistant laminated wood product that will never require maintenance, is also used to make our functionally shaped thwarts and carry handles. Kneeling boats feature seat frames constructed of cherry with unique shaping and radiused edges for increased comfort. Sculpted for both form and function, our seat drops strengthen the seat installation.