SpitFire 13

Top view 
Length: oa 13', wl 12'6"
Length/width ratio: 5.9
Weight: 19.5 - 26lbs
6" freeboard 510#
4" wl 280#
3" wl 200#
2" wl 130#
Side View  
Shear: Bow 17"   Mid 11"   Stern 15" 
Rocker: bow 1.5", stern 1"
End View
Beam: Rails 25.5"
Max 29"
3" wl 25.5"
The SpitFire 13 is a slightly larger version of our original 12-foot SpitFire.  At 13' and 29" max beam, it can carry a bit more gear, dog, or person.  Rock solid in weather and very efficient, this boat is fun on flatwater as well as moving water.  Paddled with a single or double blade paddle, it can carry a week's worth of gear for your next backcountry pond-hopping adventure.  Or, pop it off the car top and head out for an after work, evening paddle.