Top view
Length: oa 16', wl 15'7"
Length/width ratio: 8.5
Weight: 22.5 - 30lbs    
6" freeboard 540#
4" wl 320#
3" wl 210#
2" wl 130#
Side View  
Shear: Bow 17"   Mid 11"   Stern 14"   Rocker: bow 3", stern 1.5"

End View
Beam: Rails 20.5"
Max 25"
3" wl 22"
Looking for the world's fastest solo tripper?  Like to go out in the morning before the lake gets chopped up and hammer?  We've got the boat for you!

The Shadow began life as a sea kayak design and through it's development into an open boat, it has maintained a number of the better attributes of its lineage.  Sleek, narrow, predictable in wind, waves and weather, the Shadow is not only an "exercise boat," it can also carry enough gear to head into the Boundary Waters for a week or two.  Add spray decks and you have a convertible sea kayak.

Whether your goal is to set a personal best in the 90-Miler or to have a super-efficient solo tripper, the Shadow has the bases covered.