Canoe Outfitting


The Cockpit

Pack canoes are really open top kayaks, with the paddler sitting on an angled seat raised off the canoe bottom just enough to get one's heels in close enough to stand up. Our normal pack canoe cockpit offers the paddler a choice of contoured carbon seats with a comfortable, fully adjustable backband and adjustable footpegs. Seats are stackable, so if you choose a low seat to be mounted in your boat, you can still get a medium or high seat later for different paddling conditions or for paddling with a single blade. Stacked seats are held in place during portages with our "seat lasso" system, shown above. The combination of this fully adjustable outfitting improves paddler comfort, control of the boat and stability. All contribute to better performance.
Sitting in a canoe with legs outstretched is more comfortable than kneeling, but reduces paddler height and reach. This makes it mandatory that boats with narrow beam, lower sheer height at center and (ideally) tumblehome for easy access to the water using a shorter paddle be designed for this type of paddling. Dedicated sit-down canoes need low-mounted seats and foot braces to improve stability and power transfer to the hull. That's why our boats come standard with backbands, footpegs and your choice of seat.
Our boats can also be rigged for the kneeling paddler with a seat or kneeling thwart hung from the gunwales.
Available Seat Options
Back Height @ Sit Bones (inches)
Front Height @ Leg Location (inches)
Length - Front Edge to Deepest Part (inches)
Angle in Degrees (Back angle = neg.)
Low Pedestal
Medium Pedestal
High Pedestal
Kneeling/fixed hung seats can be mounted at a variety of drops/angles.