We're happy to welcome back the Ohneka for 2016.  Our unique twist on an open tandem debuted at the 2009 Adirondack Canoe Classic.  Rock-solid stability as well as plenty of forward speed and efficiency are on display in this one.

Some experienced paddlers have told us the Ohneka is the fastest recreational tandem they've ever been in.  With the right propulsion, it can keep up with our Shadow, cruising at over 6 miles per hour.  Accelerated rocker in the last three feet of the bow allow the boat to turn on a dime - in its own length if you lean it a bit.  It'll also carve up narrow twisties like Brown's Tract and Stony Creek with little turning effort, yet it doesn't wander on big water and in wind and waves.  "S" gunwales significantly shorten the paddlers' vertical reach to water, helping the boat track and allowing the use of shorter, lighter paddles.  Can also be set up with a center seat for a "big guy" solo.
Length - 17'
Max Beam - 31" (28" @ rail, boat center)
S-gunwales - Offered only in Cobra XLT
Rocker: 3" bow, 1.5" stern
Shear: 19" bow, 12" center, 16.5" stern
28" @ 4" wl
Weight - approx 39 lbs