2018 Price List

SpitFire 13
(21 lbs)
(23 lbs)
(26 lbs )
(28-29 lbs)
(27 lbs )
(18 lbs)
(20 lbs)
(22 lbs)
(23 lbs)
All hulls are Vacuum Infused. Weights include seat, backband, footpegs and carry pads.
Our Base Price -  includes deluxe features others either don't offer or you have to pay a premium price to get. We take pride in giving our customers not only the highest quality and best performing boats on the water, but also the best value. The following is a list of what we include as "standard equipment" that others charge extra for:
Placid Boatworks
(Standard Equipment)
Cobrasoxcarbon/Kevlar Gunwales
and Thwarts
+$100 - $200/Not Available
Foot Braces
+$50 - $85
Two-Tone Hull with Scuff Patch
+$100, if available
Tinting of Clearcoat
Green / Red / Blue / Clear (black carbon showing)
Not Available with most
Choice of Several Carbon Seats
Kayak Back Band
  Upcharges on Other Manufacturers' Boats =        $500+ extra
Ordering is simple. Call us, tell us which model, color and seat you'd like and place a $1000 deposit on your boat by check or any major credit card. We strive to have ordered boats ready in10 - 14 days.  This may vary depending on demand.  Call for prognostications.


Lightweight Fabric Carry Yoke
$  65
Custom Spray Decks for any of our solo boats. Fold into small thwart bag (included).  Tan or Green
Werner Kalliste All Carbon, low angle (crank shaft - 2-piece)
Werner Ikelos or Cyprus All Carbon, high angle (crank shaft - 2-piece)
Werner Camano Carbon/Glass, low angle (crank shaft - 2-piece)
Werner Shuna Carbon/Glass, high angle (crank shaft - 2-piece)
Fleece 2-piece takedown Paddle Bag by The Bag Lady
$  40
FoxWorx Straight or Bent single blade paddle
Fox Worx Stinger Bent Kayak Paddle
••••• Deep Paddle and PFD Discounts With Boat Purchase •••••
Astral V8 Breathable
Astral Norge and Abba
Astral Ronnie Fisher Touring
Placid Boatworks Headsweats Cap (Olive Green, Navy, Black, Orange)
$ 25
Call for more information or to place an order.
XLT - Xpedition Lite
Astral Ronnie and Linda Touring
$100 and $95
Fox Worx Vixen Bent Kayak Paddle
Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)
Astral Birdog PFD for your best friend!  (XS - XL)
$ 50 - $ 80
NEW !!!!  Placid Boatworks Super Tuff EVA Foam Boat Pad for Dogs
$ 45
(Read why your pup should wear one.)
Custom gel coat colors are available for as little as $100.  Simple accent striping is $100 and one solid color above the entire waterline is $200; more complex paint schemes are priced on an individual basis and are based on the amount of work involved. Please note that custom colors are SOLID; unlike our tinted clear stock colors, YOU WILL NOT SEE THE CARBON WEAVE THROUGH THESE COLORS.  (They are like the off-white bottoms that are stock on all of our boats).

Please also note that custom colors and schemes are just that - custom.  You will need to think about how you want your boat to look and provide us with drawn details of your design and colors.  We have the INSTINT COLOR BOOK AVAILABLE FOR RENT FOR $10 FOR 14 DAYS.  This includes prepaid return postage.  Rental fee deducted from boat purchase.
If the rented color book is not returned within 14 days, an additional purchase fee of $40 will be added to the order.
Stock Tint Colors
(39 lbs )
Extra Seat
PHO - Photographer,
          (Max5 Camo)
(21 lbs)
(21 lbs)
(24 lbs)
(26 lbs)
(30 lbs)
(33 lbs)
(31 lbs)
(44 lbs )